Meet the team

Esports Ōtautahi is a collaboration between a number of partners with the aim of creating a thriving esports community in Christchurch and the wider Canterbury area. Below are people actively involved from a variety of businesses and organisations that are contributing in myriad ways to the success of this kaupapa.

Danny McNeil

Danny McNeil – Library

One of the original Esports Ōtautahi team, Danny works for Christchurch City Council Libraries and sees esports as a way to enagage with rangatahi and ensure equitable access to this exciting growth industry.

Robbie Rate – Library

Mad biker and Learning Specialist for Christchurch City Libraries. Confirmed creative geek. Robbie is the Minecraft innovator in this team and is bringing Minecraft and the content creation tool Blockbench into the mix.

Chris McClement – Gamestah

Director of Gamestah Media — Chris has been involved in esports since 2003, providing the complete package by combining tournament operating expertise with decades-long broadcasting experience.

Nameeta Shekhar – Library

Nameeta is our School Liaison person and one of Christchurch City Council Libraries Community, Outreach and Learning Librarians. Nameeta is passionate about providing Rangatahi with innovative tech options and sees Esports as a prime opportunity in that space.

Tyler Coster – PBTech

Tyler is a one of the original Esports Ōtautahi team who ran the first exhibition Tournament at Tūranga Library. Tyler was also the co-commentator. Wondering how we managed to get such great tech for our event? Tyler being Commercial TL at PBTech could be a clue.

Evie Howell – Commentator 

Esports host and University theatre and writing student, Evie is all about creating an exciting atmosphere through her shout-casting and conversational skills. A member and advocate of the LGBT community looking to help build an infrastructure for inclusive esports.

Ella Kim – PBTech

Another of the team that brought the first League of Legends together at Tūranga Library. Ella by day is the Education Procurement Specialist for PBTech and was instrumental in bringing many of the amazing sponsor prizes to our gamers. Ella actively works with local schools serving their tech needs.

Michaela Allen – MoE

Working through Ministry of Education, Michaela supports digital equity by distributing Smart Cities funding to the schools that need it the most. She is also a point of contact for schools interested in getting involved in esports and teachers wanting to upskill in this new and exciting field.

Grace De Leon – Smart Cities

Grace in her Smart Cities capacity brings events such as the massive Innovation Expo to Ōtautahi. Grace was at the genesis of our Esports initiative and has an active role with this mahi. Smart Cities also fund High Schools to join the National Esports League.

Jason Merrett, Sport Canterbury 

As a General Manager at Sport Canterbury, part of Jason’s role is to support the capability and sustainability of all sporting organisations to enhance tamariki and rangatahi wellbeing through physical activity. Jason sees esports as a positive way to engage with young people who do not participate in traditional methods of physical activity.